Operating since 1936, the ETE Group is presented today as a set of companies, interconnected, whose functions complement each other in order to provide value-added services to its customers.

Port operations, the source of the Group's activity, have been developed in recent decades, and today is a complete system of port terminals and concessions associated to logistics, inland waterways, sea, land and air transport, an integrated chain that allows for better efficiency in the services provided to the market.

The development of maritime transport of goods, traditional activity of the Group, has enabled a significant presence in the autonomous regions, Azores and Madeira, which ensures the public service, as well as growth in other areas, particularly for African ports and northern Europe, under the regular lines. Its activity also extends to specialized transport of cement, fuel and solid bulk, markets and specific projects, extending its offering, as the largest national shipowner.


Some skills of ETE Group.

  • Maritime Transport;
  • Stevedoring;
  • Inland Navigation;
  • Shipping Agents;
  • Shipbuilding and Repair;
  • Technical management of ships and crews;
  • Recruitment, training and support for certification of ships and port facilities;
  • International research and development projects in the areas of maritime, river and logistics.


Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal
Offices in 6 countries on 3 continents.

Established: 1936
Companies in ETE Group: 42
Turnover: 200 milhões de Euros
Capital: 100% Português
Employees: 900

Activity: Maritime Port

  • 9 concessions Port - 5km berth
  • 20 ships - and charters
  • 25 support vessels (floating cranes, pontoons, barges and tugs)
  • 2,000 annual scales
  • Management 260 crew
  • 2 yards with 70 annual dockings
  • 23,000 m2 of covered storage
  • 343,000 m2 of embankments
  • Transport regularly for more than 60 ports